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What is the difference between Online Learning and Blended Learning?

Online Learning and Blended Learning

Overview about the learning platforms

With the passage of time, there have been the advancements in the number of ways that has benefitted the society at large in the best ways possible. With the available pool of resources, everyday new advancements come and bring an impact on our mundane routines. Such are the technological changes that occurred in the education sector as well. We live in an era where everything has gone online and so do the ways of learning too. The students and even the teachers nowadays are dependent on online platforms for making the process of learning smooth. Here, first we will have in depth discussion about the e- learning platforms and help you understand how it distinguishes from Blended e- learning platforms.

Discussion about online learning

When it comes to online, it simply means that there is the involvement of internet. Therefore, online learning provides the methods which help the students to understand and learn the concepts depending on the use of internet. The computers got the connection of internet and then anyone can get the access for proceeding with the process of seeking knowledge. Now with the changing times, there has been a certain shift to the online learning methods instead of moving to schools and colleges for attending the regular lectures. With the online learning processes, a lot of time gets saved for both the students as well as the teachers.

It involves the increasing role on the part of the teachers to adopt and shift to different modes to communicate the lectures in the best ways possible for them. It makes real fun for the students to learn by the different video and many such other engaging content. By the way of online learning, teachers can guide and support in enhancing the understanding of the students. They get to adopt so many differ strategies that makes the workload super easy for them to handle. The objectives of learning easily get accomplished with the help of these platforms. These online courses involve the following facilities:

  • Assigning the assignment to the students with detailed instructions
  • Easy conceptual knowledge can get grasped by the students.
  • Best and outstanding methods and approaches used to deliver the quality content

Introduction to Blended e- learning platform

When it comes to the contrasting factor, Blended e- learning platform differ from the online learning in terms of interaction with the students. No doubt, the quality of content delivered is really good in the online platform but the disadvantage is that it does not include face to face interaction with the students. Whereas on the other hand, it not such case in the Blended e- learning platform. Here, the approaches and the strategies used comprise of the combination of the face to face sessions and the ones used in the online learning.

The major advantage included while learning on the Blended e- learning platform is that students can interact with the teachers by the way of these face to face teaching programs. Along with this, they can easily understand the concepts and revise the topics as per their convenience. Not every student understands in one go. So, for this there is also an option of the recorded lectures which they get.

So, if the students wish to seek the benefits of learning in the online learning environment, the best ay is to choose Blended e- learning platform where they can experience the amazing ways to explore and discover new methods of learning. They can get to learn by using both the online learning approach and seek the benefits of face to face learning processes.


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