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What is the difference between Copy- editing and Proofreading?

Overview about the services

It often gets assumed that both the copy- editing for professionals and the services offered in terms of proofreading the content is almost the same. But it is actually not the case. No doubt, both proofreading and copy- editing services come into se for close checking and scrutinizing the documents. In reality, the services offered are different. But if you wish to understand the difference between copy- editing for professionals and proofreading, then here is the platform that will help you.

Copy- editing and proofreading involves the in- depth checking of the content written before its final publication. Since no one is so perfect to write hundred percent accurately, the need of these services have been growing tremendously. Maintaining the styling and formatting of the content is another feature offered by copy- editing for professionals and proofreading services. There are so many tools available under these services that make the reading successful with hundred percent accuracy. The facilities offered under copy editing and proofreading will easily help in understanding and bringing in front the distinction between the two.

Facilities of copy- editing for professionals

Copy editing is often known by the name of sub- editing the content. It is the copy- editor who makes it highly essential for the writer to publish the reading. Following are the services that get included in copy- editing which are extensive and given as below:

  1. Make sure that the accurate paraphrasing gets done
  2. Taking into consideration the guidelines and standards for the desired format
  3. Limiting the word count as required
  4. Maintaining the precise font style and size
  5. Deleting any false and unauthentic information
  6. Maintaining the proper formatting of the content

What comprises the Proofreading?

The services or the facilities offered under proofreading are as follows:

  1. Cautiously reading the content written
  2. Computer often misses some of the grammatical errors. Ro ensure the same, proofreading is highly recommendable. 
  3. Avoiding the plagiarism and removing the content if plagiarised.
  4. Report reviewing several times to check the efficiency
  5. Proofreading the essays and the errors
  6. Maintaining the proper layout of the content
  7. Making sure that the transition of the write-ups is accurate
  8. Correction of the spelling mistakes
  9. Use of spell checker for the correction and checking of grammatical errors
  10. Reviewing and revising documents, journal, manuscripts or reports

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