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What Are The Features Of Corporate Microlearning?

Tedious, long-duration and monotonous learning programs disengage modern-day learners. With the advent of technology, mobile devices and laptops are new learning materials. In this fast-paced world, learners seek quicker information access. So, the evolution of digital learning is the new normal of the technology era.

In that, microlearning successfully created its significance. It is a bite-sized learning module with relevant course content. However, short courses do not qualify its technical parameters. For quality business learning, professional corporate microlearning development companies are available. So, what makes a professionally curated content class apart? Read on to know its key characteristics.

Key features of corporate microlearning solutions

Quantifiable learning outcomes

First, microlearning modules emphasize the single learning objective. Here, modules convey the exact learning message to learners. Also, it is similar to short duration courses, but one factor distinguishes both. It is a single learning objective. Shorter courses cover only one learning objective with less content. Microlearning modules contain texts with a view to brevity and clarity.

Besides, it gives creative freedom to L&D professionals. Thereby, they curate high quality learning modules without worrying about technical parameters. Also, it helps learners to absorb the prerequisite content. Overall, it engages learners than any other learning approach with high knowledge retention power.

Independent learning

Next, microlearning modules provide independent learning.  Every module is independent imparting quality education. Also, they are accessible regardless of which device or platform learners utilize. A high-quality microlearning module is sufficient that not requires preceding sessions. Besides, integrating external links and additional information is easier in microlearning modules.

Remember, microlearning modules are part of existing elearning courses. They cannot exist on their own due to the concise format. However, due to its independence, they fit perfectly under the sub-topics of the curriculum. Thus, clients worldwide integrate professional microlearning solutions to impart specific skills.

 Interactive elements

Undoubtedly, engagement is the prime objective of a learning curriculum. Hence, microlearning-learning modules are loaded with interactive elements. It builds the promptness and higher knowledge retention of learners. On the other hand, traditional corporate training materials contain passive texts with low-quality diagrams.

High-quality corporate microlearning modules include several elements. Engaging simulations, effective interactions, clickable walkthroughs are few amongst them. Microlearning solutions provide an active learning methodology. Thereby, learners implement taught skills into practice to gain practical knowledge. With an immediate feedback system, microlearning provides a flawless problem-solving approach.


Unlike traditional learning curriculum, microlearning modules have variations. Corporate Microlearning Development Company offers customized microlearning solutions. It can be infographics, quizzes, games, flashcards or small duration videos. Overall, they provide valuable information in the bite-sized modules.

 For corporates, professional microlearning service providers are available 24*7. Professionally curated solutions ensure higher ROI. They provide accessible podcasts, microlearning mobile apps (for all operating software) and interactive eBooks in PDF format.

Responsive solutions

Corporate microlearning modules must be concise and informative. But, accessibility is also a major concern. Today, learners get less time to learn. Hence, they access learning courses on smartphones, tablets and PCs or laptops. Moreover, they absorb learning solutions from any location at any time. Thus, professional corporate microlearning development companies provide device responsive solutions.  

Professionally curated microlearning modules work on multiple devices. Besides, a responsive microlearning course gives learners unmatched flexibility. Thereby, every corporate learner receives the same learning experience. It adds value to businesses with higher knowledge retention and quality content.


Finally, digestibility is the last microlearning trait in this list. A bite-sized module is the synonym of microlearning. Because it contains vital information, which humans easily ‘digest’ (understand). High-quality corporate microlearning programs contain smaller training chunks. In addition, it integrates accurate learning solutions with the appropriate content.

A perfect microlearning course is ideal for desk learners and desk-less learners.  Therefore, professional service providers deliver multilingual and accessible solutions to clients worldwide. Moreover, their affordable solutions suit clients investment and learning parameters.

Wrapping it up

So, these are few key characteristics of microlearning modules. Clients, before initiating the L&D process of microlearning modules, follow these traits. For high quality corporate training, microlearning modules must have these elements in them. Thus, professional services provider aligns with clients’ objective to deliver the accurate output. These are proven successful measures for the high outcome.


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