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Video-Based Learning trends That Deliver High-Impact mLearning

Video learning and multimedia content are major learning resources. It includes gamification, engaging scenarios, and few of them even have AR and VR solutions. However, the modern business culture goes with the trends making a huge impact on m-learning. Interactive video learning modules elevate the elearning experience.

Hence, global business leaders opt for video e-learning platforms. Also, their workforce prefers anytime and anywhere learning. Therefore, mLearning is the best solution for them and their clients. However, there are certain video based learning trends that help in deliver impactful mobile training. Let us explore these impeccable trends.

Do Not Underestimate the Power Of Videos in MLearning

Your learner engagement, this phrase is enough to explain the dominance of video learning. Also, the growing popularity of mobile screens led to this convenient training medium. Hence, clients demonstrate a complex piece of information through videos. Moreover, real videos, animation videos, and simulation videos are few examples of modern day business training. Below are significant features of videos in the mLearning.

Crisp and condensed format

Videos shorten the training time. How? It condenses the lengthy training modules into short videos of a couple of minutes. So, where conventional training medium takes months to complete, videos are just a matter of a week. Besides, it escapes the boredom of Gen Y learners who are the target user of companies.

Just in time learning

The term mobile means ‘mobility.’ So, clients get the freedom to distribute learning modules from any corner of the world. There are no time constraints for modules distribution. Short duration motivates your learners’ knowledge. Also, it develops their knowledge retention power by training them in on-demand skills.


Videos are something that most of us are familiar with. Not just learners but L&D professionals and clients are aware of the videos format. Hence, globally renowned organizations and different business segments prefer videos over textual content. Watching is easier than reading and listening.

Increase control over learning

Videos facilitate self paced learning. It gives clients and their learners controlling power to regulate courses. For instance, if companies feel no requirement for particular modules, they can exclude the content.

Video based learning: A significant part of the mLearning

Short videos or lengthy videos, what kind of its variance are acceptable? Keep on reading to know interactive ways to include videos in the mLearning content.

Combine engaging elements

Soundtracks and motion graphic videos prove efficient learning outcomes. With this, clients easily develop the knowledge retention power of their learners. Besides, animation and engaging simulations act as icing on the cake. Moreover, portray the sophisticated concepts with 2D and 3D animation. Do not ignore the usage of videos for VILT and ILT modules also.

Include Interactivity

Interaction builds knowledge power. The L&D videos must have question answers for the active participation of learners. Although, questions do not mean lengthy descriptive questions. Instead, integrate quizzes, puzzles, and MCQs to allow your learners to recall information quickly. Besides, teaser type questions.

Do not ignore Accessibility

Accessibility is the major parameter to meet while L&D. Ensure the developed module is accessible on all browsers and operating systems. Also, it should run properly in online and offline mode. To ensure the same, run a test session or approach video e-learning platforms. Professional eLearning companies convert conventional training videos into HTML5 format. As a result, there is no problem of accessibility while imparting knowledge.

One video for one concept

Do not include all training concepts in one module. It becomes confusing. Instead, limit the video length to one concept only. This same principle makes microlearning videos effective. Too many concepts in one make a hotchpotch learning module. Flustering your learners with multiple objectives will not elevate the learning experience. So, focus on the single learning unit.

Reinforce on-demand skill based videos

Acquiring new skills in the modern business culture is a must. Hence, train your learners with on-demand skill videos. Online videos with a compatible LMS are sufficient to hone the skills of your learners. Hence, the organization must integrate mLearning modules with sufficient skills and expertise.

The bottom line

Videos are an innovative and engaging learning medium. Hence, global business leaders integrate videos in mLearning modules to elevate the learning experience. Thereby, it opens a new window into active learning through interactive content means.


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