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Formulate gamification for an effective eLearning module

Several sectors struggled to survive, but many failed to sustain themselves in the competition. One such sector name is education. Amid the pandemic crisis, the learning sector drastically changed its pattern and switched to remote learning. However, simply integrating learning videos and hosting virtual sessions is not enough to deliver quality knowledge.

eLearning modules are not only for the sake of giving knowledge in a limited time period. But, it also provides quality learning through engaging elements. Among these elements, gamification is the prominent learning trend that promises a good learning outcome.

 Coming back to gamification, it possesses several advantages for organizations. But, how to develop a compelling gamification solution? Companies have two options left: outsource gamification services providers or take a minute to read this post.

Gamification: Merits and their future

Gamification adds value and enhances the engagement level of eLearning. It is because it possesses these merits, which are discussed below briefly. Let us explore that.


Games mean competition, which further means several challenges in the form of puzzles and scoreboards increase competitiveness. Creating competition with a particular set of rules makes eLearning modules engaging and interactive.

As a result, learners strive hard to achieve the best scores and badges for greater performance. In the workspace, the more efforts team members put, the higher results organizations receive.

Easy to assess

Companies run short of time to assess corporate learners’ progress. They are engaged in piles of paperwork and worksheet! As a result, assessment programs become a time consuming process for clients. However, companies save seconds save hours through gamification solutions. It portrays the performance report of team members. As a result, companies figure out the top talents for the productive results of the organization.

Lower attrition

Onboarding new talents? Then signing up for a policy book is a must before recruiting. But why stick to the conventional induction process. DVDs and paperwork are overwhelmed trends. Today, organizations demand engaging solutions to lower effort on administrative tasks. Hence, no other tool is effective than gamification solutions. Set challenges and ask talents to complete in a limited time frame. After completion, reward them with badges or incentives. And thee work is done for onboarding.

Addiction to learning

Real world applications and engaging elements in gaming modules keep learners engaged in activities. As a result, it develops the regular learning habit amongst the target learners. Therefore, for clients when concerned about conveying sophisticated concepts, gamification emerges as the savior. For a compelling solution, opt for gamified Learning platforms.

Real world repercussions

Cementing skills and real life scenarios portray real life repercussions. Engaging simulations and scenarios in games are sufficient to explain real life consequences. So, gamification becomes the clients’ preferred choice. Game results reflect the efforts that your learners put in while solving the challenge.  Hence, do not ignore games in the eLearning module.

How to develop an effective eLearning module through gamification?

The list of merits is endless. So, after knowing them, it is time to learn how gamification helps in developing and engaging modules. Below, we highlighted certain ways.

What is the bottom line of success criteria?

Its success rate decides every module’s efficiency. So, what is the success rate of your developed module? Will it count as 100% active participation? Or 50% participation is the bottom line of success criteria? Before including games in modules, determine their efficiency rate. For instance, clients must emphasize knowledge retention instead of making it a scoring game. Ensure your learners focus on acquiring concepts instead of winning points.

Type of game required

Every game has a unique feature. There is no point in including extra games or challenges which learners do not prefer. For instance, a gamified quiz with badges is sufficient for sales training. So, please focus on the same and enhance its quality to sky level. Overall, meet the learning objective, and if it is a challenging task, gamification services providers are available 24*7.

 A compelling story in games

A game is a journey, which means it requires a story to engage learners. It is because; a compelling story is important to develop an efficient eLearning module. Therefore, ready with a story script before designing games. Either create a treasure hunt, develop puzzles. It brainstorms and develops active participation of learners.


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