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Different animation style guides for business

Product development is only the halfway process. It means, despite of developing efficient products, the chances of its success are NIL. It is because NO MARKETING DONE! Clients channelize all marketing efforts in one direction to connect with consumers. One such effort is called animation.

Today, every business segment avail of animated solutions to connect with consumers and engage them. But, developing compelling animated content means a headache for organizations too. In such cases, third party animation companies are never off duty.

They provide compelling 2D and 3D animation services to enhance the brand value. Not just one, two, or three, but animation service providers deliver a range of solutions for higher ROI. Below, find the list of few names and pick one for your brand.

First, let us explore why animation is useful for brand value.

Why Is Animation Helpful For Brand Names?

Gives competitive edge

Surviving in the competitive business environment? Not everyone’s cup of tea! Big brands sink like the Titanic if they do not embrace creative solutions. It is the job of animated content to make the brand unique and innovative. Even consumers worldwide prefer innovative brands.

Higher Conversion Rates

A whopping conversion rate without animation? NOT POSSIBLE! It is because the conversion rate is directly proportional to the quality content on websites. Studies show animated content on websites increases the conversion rate by 80%. Remember, the animation is not limited to light hearted products, but marketing heavy durables are also easy because of animation.

Improve SEO

Think about the digital presence once while marketing products. Furthermore, figure out what algorithms the search engines prefer. The most common answer every client find is animation. It not only engages your consumers but also enhances the digital presence.

Websites having animated content gains higher ranks SERPs. As a result, new consumers browse top teen sites, among which your brand name is present.

Makes the product easy to understand

The main motto of marketing is ‘conveying the brand message that consumers understand.’ Therefore, businesses worldwide take the support of animated explainer videos to convey a sophisticated message. A video of one or two minutes is sufficient to convey the marketing message. As a result, your consumers understand the message, and they buy products quickly.

Saves time and effort

Developing a marketing strategy is not an overnight job. Clients have to be ignorant in spite of age. It means, coming up with fresh ideas every time is a challenging task. Also, it is a time consuming process. Save seconds to save hours with animation. Pick a tool and start the animation. It takes around a week. For better results, outsourcing 2D and 3D Video services providers is the best option.

Several Animation Styles For Business Use

Motion graphics

Many clients confuse about the term. Few think it same as the animation. BUT IT IS NOT! Motion graphic is the sub genre of animation. It includes moving texts and graphics to grab the attention of your consumers. Moreover, a strong voiceover accompanies graphics and creates an emotional connection between the brand and consumers.

2D animation

A 2D animation is so popular today that we can conclude that its use is widespread, right from social media platforms to eLearning modules. So, clients do not underestimate its power and use it in banner ads, making it more effective than traditional ads (x4.5 times).

3D animation

In the convoy of corporates and traditional businesses, 3D animation was restricted to movies. Now, the scenario changed, and marketing videos are modulated in the 3D animation. Crating three dimensional animated characters elevate the brand value in global business dimensions. 

A perfect business package is a blend of 2D and 3D animation. Therefore, either do it on their own or outsource 2D and 3D animation services providers.

Whiteboard animation

Drawings and sketches on the white background this is a new phenomenon of marketing. Earlier, boards were limited to four boundaries of the classroom. Today, video streaming platforms to prefer the same to showcase concepts and services.

The Bottom Line

After knowing the benefits and types of animation style, one query is for sure. WHICH STYLE SUITS THE BRAND? The answer is ‘PROJECT TYPE AND REQUIREMENTS.’ We highlighted the features of every animation style. Hence, for professional requirements, customized solutions are the best.


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