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4 Reasons your brand requires closed captions

The video content is booming across different geographical locations. No single territory is the sole consumer of the video content. To support this statement, we take an example of web series. Today, web series are streaming on OTT platforms in different languages. But, how do foreign viewers understand the video content that media companies produce located outside the nation?

All credit goes to closed captions. By the term ‘closed’ means hidden, and it is compatible across all screens and devices. Thus, media companies and video marketing agencies avail of closed captioning services to maximize the user base. Professionally curated solutions help businesses in several ways.

This leads us to showcase certain reasons why brands worldwide rely on closed captions. Read on and understand. But before that, let us explore how to get closed captions?

How do I get closed captions?

The working function of closed caption differs in live and pre-recorded events. Stenographers capture the video content in live events, type the caption, and stream it on live programs. In this process, there is a delay or lag of a couple of seconds.

For pre-recorded events, closed captioning is easy. It is because clients share recorded files in the mp4 format to closed captioning services providers. Here, professional captioning uses their expertise to deliver flawless closed captions with no language or spelling errors. So, once clients receive the file, it is ready to stream on digital platforms.

One more fact, your viewers have the freedom to switch on and off the captions by clicking the ‘CC’ option in the video tool board.

So, this is how a closed caption is generated.

Let us move forward with the next section; why and when do businesses require it? What is the magic that closed captions have for higher engagement? Find out.

Explained: Why do brands require closed captions?

1.     Accessibility

Subtitles and closed captions ensure accessibility. That is why companies worldwide follow the WCAG 2.0 guidelines of accessibility and incorporate closed captions in all video content. In this digital era, making content accessible maximize the user base.

Even HOH (Hard Of Hearing) users are also part of that larger consumer base. Hence, companies do not ignore them.

2.     Be the best in a stiff, competitive online environment

The digital space is a vast ocean flooded with n number of competitors. So, how to get a lead over your competitor business? The answer is video marketing. Videos generate more sales and revenue than any other marketing means. Just clients need to focus on accessibility. And coming back to the above pointer, we conclude that closed captions ensure accessibility.

So, what do we conclude? More accessibility means more revenue, and it is the stepping stone to be the market leader.

3.     Flexibility

Remember, your viewership is not limited to the single screen. Mobiles and laptops outweigh the TV entertainment medium. In fact, SMART TVs are trending in the market. So, how to communicate through content to multiple screen viewers? Closed captions bridge the communication gap that is compatible with all screens and operating systems.

Just one-factor matters is that quality implementation. Closed captions must be error free. And to achieve this target, approach closed captioning services providers.

4.     Build brand loyalty amongst ESL speakers

The world comprises of different language speakers. Among them, ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers are also there. So, how to comprehend the brand message to such users? The translation is time consuming, which may result in a delay to the rollout projects. The last option that clients are left with is the closed captions.

Closed captions in the native language of ESL speakers help them understand the brand message. Hence, if they enjoy the video content, your brand will remain in the offshore market for a long.

Coming to the final part of this blog, we will be discussing few red flags when brands require closed captioning services. Read on.

Quality content but no quality results

The storyline of the video content is excellent, yet no viewers’ count on it. This is the time when closed captions become essential for brands. Viewers do not prefer inaccessible content.

Expanding brands in the international market

An international market comprises of different language speakers. So, brands need a communication channel in the form of closed captions to connect with them.

To increase view time

Closed captions increase the viewership time by eliminating all language barriers.


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