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What Are Trending Blended Training Practices for the Workplace?

What, blended training solutions? It is the need of an hour amid this pandemic crisis. A small amount of virtual training, along with in-person training, seems a bright future for workplace training. Why so popular now? Only because of the social distancing era! However, companies cannot afford to distance themselves from education. After all, training means knowledge and knowledge gives boost companies for growth.

But, what about its design? Is it so easy or a challenging task for companies? No challenge is too great for clients when it comes to outsourcing service providers. Save time and effort on designing. What more? Pour an R&D time and make sure training solutions follow these trending training practices. Because pride matters for companies, so now compromise with quality. Read on.

Why Companies Outsource Blended Training Programs?

Mostly, companies worldwide prefer the outsourcing option to streamline the blended training process. Why so? Not because they are unaware of the latest training trends. But, beyond that, they receive the following benefits:

Variety of training solutions

A business organization is a shelter accommodating different departments. For instance, HR and marketing teams both are different from each other. But, the organization is the same, and clients cannot discriminate team by preferring one over another. Hence, variance in the training program is a must that fits all in-house departments.

This is where blended training service providers win the bet by providing customized training solutions. Remember, customized training modules fit all training requirements. It means no room for errors and complexities while learning.

Fulfils short-term commitments

Not every time, a lengthy training module is a part of business training. Sometimes, clients seek a partner on a project to project basis. It means short-term L&D. But why recruit an entire team for the same? After all, every penny matters! So, save dollars by outsourcing service providers. They are a perfect pick for customized training requirements.

Whether a lengthy curriculum or short term projects, experts are ready to take new challenges every day! Sign a flexible contract with them. If satisfied, retain them for long!

Quick turnaround time

A deadline is near. Hurry up! In the hustle and bustle of business routines, L&D may take time. But why compromise with the deadline? Pass on this technical burden to the blended training solutions provider. Here, service providers meet the productive outcomes and produce efficient solutions in no time.

Moreover, their helpdesk team is available 24/7 to provide feedback and suggestions to clients. So, no problem to track the development progress of projects!

Blended Training Solutions: What Are the Best Training Practices?


What to say about the short busts of the learning? We are talking about microlearning. Bite-sized modules, smaller training courses, and top of that one module into different packages are all about microlearning.

So, why it fits in blended learning?

Make it easy for your in-person trainer to cover complicated concepts easily. We know clients do not have time to teach every word briefly. Let microlearning videos do the same!

Spaced repetition

It is understood that difficult concepts are not easy to learn. But, highlighting flashcards at frequent intervals and conveying knowledge is a good idea to train! This learning technique is called spaced repetition.

Fact file: A study shows, blended training through spaced repetition techniques is more effective than understanding lengthy courses. Also, it takes less time to consume vital concepts.

It is a challenging task to train learners having short attention span. Here, flashcards learning flashes concepts on mobiles or other screens to reinforce concepts.

Video Courses

A good idea when videos streamline the training process! Bundle up few training videos and present them in the classroom session. See the positive result in the form of higher knowledge retention. It is a challenging job to convey sophisticated ideas through conventional training means. But, videos in blended training solutions make this job easier. Opt for them!


A limited group of learners are easy to manage. But, what about when it comes to training a mass group of learners sitting at different locations worldwide. Count on webinars, host learning sessions and start the training. This solution is flexible and works in any time zone! Also, the active participation rate will be higher than classroom learning.


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