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6 Innovative ways to reinforce knowledge retention in online learning

Do learners remember an eLearning module for long? Remember, humans have short attention span. So, customizing eLearning modules according to shorter attention means a nightmare for several companies. But, nothing is impossible in the world! Thankfully, technology and eLearning solutions provider is a perfect blend to address this issue.

How? What is so special about these service providers? It is all because of the special tactics they follow in online training. Want to read those secret mantras? Stay tuned and read every letter from here on.

Let us start our enriching journey of learning!

What Is An Elearning Solution?

In simpler words, the term ‘e’ in eLearning denotes electronic. It means electronic gadgets and resources are responsible for streamlining the learning process. But, wait! Only putting a PDF version on computers is not eLearning. However, it is a small portion of it. Today, eLearning solution includes gamification, online discussion forums, social media learning and many more.

Who provides it? Although free tools are available to curate the same. But, the risk is ahead! The risk of quality will put your brand reputation at the lowest. Why not outsource an eLearning solutions provider and play a safe game. Want to know a secret fact? The market for the same will increase to $275 billion by 2022. So, pull up the socks and start switching to eLearning!

Concerned about how to hold the attention of learners? No worries, this post has the answer!

Secret Tactics: Ways That Improve Knowledge Retention in Online Training

1.     Storytelling

Once, Canadian poet Margaret Atwood said, “You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.” See the result: a splash of interaction and narration in the bespoke course with a couple of engaging elements.  Here, automatically draw learners in those interactive learning groups. Want more? Add audio clips and short narration about concepts. After all, grabbing their attention is a major task for clients.

2.      Think safety: Do not overload modules

One after another, bundling courses in modules seems good to save time! What makes learners more frustrate is lengthy modules. So, why proved them the same? Add bite-sized modules in the form of microlearning videos and flashcards. In a nutshell, categorize the module in different learning snippets. Want to reduce the cognitive load? Follow this approach! Make them comfortable in learning.

If clients feel it is a technical overload, better to outsource an eLearning solutions provider.

3.     Webinars

Let corporate learners take charge of webinar sessions and share few industrial insights. An experienced learner understands the problems of other learners more effective than instructors. 

It will give some extra knowledge to in-house learners. Also, an individual teaching another individual of a similar age level is more effective. However, the topic of discussion should be prioritized beforehand. Want to make this task easy? Include webinar sessions in regular online training activities and witness the higher knowledge retention of learners.

4.     Podcasts

Episodic learning of modules! Sounds interesting? So, this is what podcasts mean in simple words. It is a very good means for audio learners who love the narration. What’s more? An audio library in the LMS of several audio clips on training modules is efficient.

For any time, anywhere learning podcasts are good to use! During commute or in the classroom, it connects learners and instructors every time. Just stream the session and let learners enjoy the narrative learning.

5.     Give room for infographics.

Want to highlight key takeaways of learning? The best and only means is an infographic. Add few statistics and essential information that is the backbone, of course. As a result, learners will put their entire focus on learning particular information instead of revisiting entire modules.

This approach is not only informative but interactive. So, make the online learning process easier with infographics.

6.     That’s what games are, in the end

Gamifying learning experience? Kudos! Your company choose the most effective learning approach for higher ROI. It is because games contain different levels in elements like quizzes, contests, puzzles and many more. So, why not transform learning modules into gaming assessments?

After all, games are more efficient in learning because rewarding badges after completion boosts learners’ motivation. And, the major secret is gamified learning solutions are accessible on different platforms and devices.  If it is a challenging task to develop, pick the right eLearning solutions provider.


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