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AR VR Services: 6 Ways the Marketing Reality Will Shift Soon

Posters and billboards will soon go into trash bins! This statement does not demotivate clients but makes them aware of new marketing trends, AR and VR. Want to know statistics? So, it says the VR market will reach $12 billion. And AR? Its user base will grow by 1.73 billion by May 2024. After reading these mindboggling facts, we suggest your company prefers AR VR solutions for marketing. Need technical assistance for the same? Approach AR VR services provider.

Not just games, but AR and VR extended their roots in marketing sectors too. After all, entertainment along with marketing means more revenue. Want to know in what ways? Stay tuned for this post!

What are AR VR services?

It is a B2B AR VR solution by third party companies. Here, the organization receives immersive solutions for higher ROI.

Now, after reading what AR VR solutions are, let us discuss how it helps businesses from a marketing perspective.

The Course of Action: How to Implement AR VR Solutions In Marketing

Undoubtedly, branding and marketing have never been easy tasks. Hence, print, electronic and digital advertising were traditional marketing tactics used by clients.

However, due to the technological revolution, the marketing approach is slowly shifting to AR and VR. As a result, both these solutions are ubiquitous. Read on how clients can host innovative AR VR marketing campaigns.

1.     Let people experience the product.

Bring products to real life. How? Present AR and VR simulations directly to consumers. Not believing our statement, then read this fact.

Fact file: Almost 72% of consumers purchase products they have not planned to purchase because of AR marketing.

What is so buzzy about these trends? It gives a real feeling of product to consumers. Doesn’t it sound good that AR captures attention for 85 seconds and enhances the interaction rate by 20 percent? After all, these are only factors that clients expect from marketing solutions.

2.     Marketing events

Look for quasi-replacement of traditional marketing events? It is the social distancing era! It means no crowd or social gathering at a large level. Still, the marketing event is possible with AR VR solutions. Provide VR AR headsets to end-users and make most of these advancements to host a virtual event. The fact says, 61% of consumers prefer retailers providing AR solutions for showcasing their products.

Do not worry; it won’t be an expensive deal for clients. Collaborate with the right AR VR services provider and receive impeccable simulations for your marketing event. Service providers charge no extra penny for their services.

3.     Gaming plus marketing

Failed with the above two marketing methods? Try gamification! Remember, AR supports not only marketing solutions but also games. The first experiment with AR was with games only. So, why not produce games in the form of a marketing campaign. Incorporate a treasure hunt type game to make consumers approach your product.

4.     App integration

From food delivery to online shopping on eCommerce, mobile application rules everywhere. Hence, integrate AR VR simulations in mobile applications. The fact is that 68% of consumers spend more time purchasing products if AR solutions are available. Today, several tech giants are using this method to market their products.

5.     Virtual world

Why not provide consumers the virtual shopping experience? It is a new marketing trend that many retailers are following. Put them into a virtual world where consumers have the freedom to explore your products and try out different products or services before purchasing. Because consumers want a practical experience before purchasing a product, it gives them exposure to a virtual world.

But, creating this interactive simulation is not an easy task! No worries, it is not a nightmare to develop; just collaborate with AR VR services providers to streamline the development process.

6.     Train the marketing team

Marketing ways are important, but knowledge is also a must for every business to learn. Your in-house sales team requires adequate knowledge to negotiate and pitch sales. Hence, opt for AR VR training programs because it develops the higher knowledge retention of the sales team. Also, interactive simulations make training programs easier and engaging. As a result, the more quickly they learn about products, the more easily they will market your products. 


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