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5 Reasons Why eLearning Solutions providers Are Beneficial for Organizations

No more old training sessions; it is the time for innovative eLearning solutions! Schools, training centers and Ed-tech platforms demand one and only eLearning solutions providers. What does it include? Interactive LMS, videos and customized modules and many more. Any growth? Yes, the expected growth at a CAGR of 9.16% by 2025.

Facts and figures are good to read, but it demands quality eLearning modules. So, in the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, is it valuable to outsource or DIY. The stats show eLearning rollout is 22% faster with outsourcing. Not believing us! Read on reasons why to outsource them.

Why Outsourcing Elearning Solutions Providers

1.     Standardized eLearning

What means a standard eLearning module? Accessibility and user-friendly. But, is that all? Even compliance and interactivity is a must. In 2017, 72% of organizations believed that eLearning helped them in gaining a competitive edge. What is so special about it? Breaking the monotony of traditional learning. Seminars and classroom sessions are outdated.

Want a modern way of eLearning? Approach solutions provider! Receive customized LMS, microlearning videos and blended learning solutions to acquire knowledge. After all, eLearning demands an innovative way! Does your company’s in-house team have it? If not, outsourcing is the only option left.

2.     Key to advancements

Technology evolved, is your organization also evolved? Why still outdated L&D tools? It creates trouble in developing device responsive courses. Partner with reliable service providers and get a key to advanced eLearning modules. How? Solutions providers have the latest technologies to curate courses. For instance, is the virtual classroom model under the belt?

The fact shows virtual classroom’s expected growth is $24.7 billion by 2026. Now, why to still become an old school? Adopt new technologies and rule the eLearning market. What about the engagement of learners? Statistics show advancements increase learners’ engagement by 19% increase.

3.     Becoming the market leader

What is the current rank of your organization in the L&D domain? Below! It is an alarming sign for your brand name! Want to propel it? Connect with elearning solutions providers. But, how this partnership will be successful? Service providers will roll out a red carpet for your organization by providing LMS and interactive eLearning modules.

Why are we only focusing on LMS? The fact says its market is expected to increase by $29.901 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.13 percent. Remember, LMS is a centralized learning system with all courses included in it. Jot down how many organizations provide it! Your organization could be the one if there are no names in the industry!

4.     Acquire more market share

What would be the market size of eLearning in the future? Well, the figures are not in billions, but they will exceed $ 1 trillion by 2027. Such a huge market! Want your competitors to capture it? Pick the innovation and customized approach and rule the market. Hence, to make this process smoother, eLearning Solutions Providers are always available 24/7.

Take their valuable suggestions and multilingual eLearning solutions.

An example:

A school running its branch in one country want to expand in international territories. How will it be possible? Only because of multilingual eLearning courses.

Besides, flexibility is also a coveted demand from organizations’ end. Why flexibility? 80% of learners use online learning resources. So, one remedy for all these solutions is service providers. Even 75% of institutions are tagged as ‘Ready’ for online learning. 

5.     More revenue

Finally, have power with money. But, how after outsourcing? Even the partnership costs a few pennies. What would your organizations’ reaction be if we say 42% of the training budget is only required for outsourcing. And returns? Savings of $70,000 annually with an increase in 10% of learners’ productivity.

What is more? Learning objectives are met 90% more by imparting quality education. Besides, outsourcing gives modules ensuring higher knowledge retention, In a nutshell, all these factors pile up and give clients higher ROI. After all, every dollar is crucial to spend on eLearning.


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