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Explainer Video Solutions: 6 Reasons Why Are They Trending

Looking for an effective marketing tool? There are plenty available! But, want to know the solutions for higher ROI? It is explainer video solutions. A short form of marketing video with engaging elements is the marketers’ favorite. The fact shows, 60% of marketers used these videos in social media marketing to gain organic traffic.  More facts? 47% of businesses feel it helped in resolving consumer queries.

So, after reading these astonishing facts, if clients still have query ‘Are explainer videos an enticing way to promote products?’ For them, we can showcase few reasons that make it talk of the town.

Why Are Explainer Video Solutions Popular?

1.     Friend of your audience

Research shows, 79% of the audience prefer watching explainer videos to learn more about the product. Besides, 56% of consumers demand videos on the company’s website. So, what do these facts denote? Obviously, consumers demand explainer videos. Why so? The engaging elements like animation or video characters narrow down the complexity of the product or services.

In a nutshell, technical information is no more technical with explainer videos. It becomes a part of the entertainment. Hence, 84% of the audience worldwide gets convinced through these videos to purchase the product.

2.     Fuels business growth

What determines business growth? The answer is simple when the audience understands your company’s product or services, they will buy it. When the corporate message is conveyed in conventional form, they retain only 10% of the knowledge. But videos do the magic! This retention power spikes to 68%. How? Because explainer videos include visual and auditory elements.

97% of marketers relied on explainer video solutions and said it helped them in their business growth. Also, they noted 66% more qualified leads by incorporating explainer videos in their company’s websites. In this manner, we can conclude that videos are a tool to propel business growth in no time!

3.     Marketing turns storytelling

Today, marketing is not done by the door to door selling. The major element to grab consumers’ attention is to tell them stories. But, how? Let explainer videos narrate the brand’s features. An ideal video must address these factors:

  • Present the problem
  • Provide solutions
  • How it works
  • CTA (Call to Action)

People viewing website videos are 64% more likely to purchase the products and services. So, is it still your business’ untouched by explainer videos? Get the professional solutions now! After all, the matter of ROI is also crucial to run the business.

4.     Successful email campaigns

What say about email marketing? Almost 78% of marketers witnessed and engagement with emails over the last 12 months. How? Creative and impeccable designs! But what is the role of explainer videos here? Few stats we present

  • Emails having videos had 300% better click rates
  • Click to open rate is 73% for interactive emails
  • Unsubscribe rate reduces by 26%

Now, the question is how to embed videos in email? The answer is the latest HTML technologies! If it is not working for your business, collaborate with explainer video service providers.

5.     The flexibility of the format

The major benefit of an explainer video is accessibility. It is easily accessible on every digital platform and device. So, whether it is a landing page or a digital billboard, explainer videos dominate every platform. The fact says these videos on landing pages have an 86% conversion rate. Hence, the impact is higher on digital platforms.

However, the major concern is the development of videos. It requires advanced software and applications to develop accessible explainer video solutions. If your business does not have the latest advancements, collaborate with the service provider. They provide flawless and accessible videos.

6.     Good for SEO

Finally, in this digital era, companies worldwide want their URLs in the top 10 SERPs. But, to gain top ranks, following SEO guidelines is a must. Also, search engines prefer websites with videos and multimedia content. Not believing us? The fact says, incorporating videos into the website increase the higher-ranking chances by 53%.

The more engaging the video is, the more traffic website will generate.  As a result, top ranks is secured by your company’s website. Conversion rates? On average, it is approximately 4.8% for websites with videos compared to 2.9% for websites without videos.


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