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Top 5 Benefits of Collaborating with Microlearning Companies for Your Organization

Short bursts of information reduction are trending learning tools for corporates worldwide. No doubt, they emphasize online training activity that is completed within few minutes. Thus, microlearning solutions are the right answer to meet all organization’s learning objectives. The fact is, almost 94% of corporate instructors prefer the microlearning method. It is because microlearning transfer knowledge is 17% more effective than conventional training.

Although companies rely on their in-house team to develop such solutions customized modules is what companies demand. Hence, they collaborate with microlearning companies to receive impeccable learning solutions. Read on and understand what benefits does this collaboration provides.

Merits of Collaborating With Microlearning Companies

1.     Relevance training

Learners have 24 hours to learn, and even clients have the same duration to impart learning.  Hence, clients need to emphasize training modules. However, due to lack of L&D time and the administrative load, they land up lengthy design courses, which do not fit perfectly into the microlearning bracket. Thus, corporates count on microlearning service providers to receive customized bite-sized modules.

Professional service providers incorporate engaging elements that maximize the corporate training potential. Also, professionally curated microlearning modules have multimedia elements that elevate the learning experience. Thus, professional vendors are the need of the hour for corporates worldwide.

2.     Social and Collaborative learning

One survey shows an increase of 85% involvement of learners when companies integrated social and collaborative learning curriculum. So, combing them with micro-learning modules double the impact of learning by giving learners a collaborative learning environment. However, designing such solutions requires technical expertise and experience to curate a perfect product.

Hence, microlearning companies design solutions that are mobile-friendly. Also, these solutions have features to ask queries, gain tips and follow the best learning practices on social learning platforms. Professional microlearning developers add PDFs, game-learning nuggets, eBooks and other interactive solutions that facilitate collaborative learning.

3.     Saves Time and Money

A very important benefit that collaboration with the service provider is, it reduces the L&D cost of clients. They have advance tools and resources to cut down L&D time and capital required on developing microlearning modules. Also, professionally curated modules enhance workplace productivity. As a result, it helps clients gaining higher ROI on modules.

Even 50% of corporate learners prefer that microlearning solutions help in acquiring knowledge. Hence, to impart quality education and learning modules, companies found microlearning is the best solution. Professionally curated solutions have relevant content only, which reduces the training time and costs.

4.     Technical support

Technical glitches are the truth that several companies face as microlearning solutions deals with technical tools, so it is a fact that technical glitches will occur. So, microlearning companies provide technical support to organizations worldwide. These companies support technically 24/7 their valuable business partners worldwide.

Technical support is helpful in rectifying installation errors, product documentation or operational issues. On the other hand, setting up an in-house technical team will be an expensive deal because companies will need to provide all relevant tools and applications. Also, this setup sounds good for full-time projects and not the shorter ones. Thus, for short-term projects, opt for microlearning service providers only!

5.     Culturally aligned modules

For remote learners, clients develop modules from scratch. However, collaboration with microlearning service providers gives clients multilingual microlearning solutions. As a result, they easily connect with remote learners having different cultural backgrounds. Multilingual microlearning modules are accessible and have more demand from the organization’s end.

Professionally curated microlearning modules accommodate different learning objectives in different languages. Hence, service providers deliver the customized and multilingual microlearning solutions. As the business culture is evolving, microlearning solutions are also evolving to meet the global learning parameter.

To Sum, it All up

Microlearning is the future of corporate training. And many organizations in today’s date are using microlearning modules. However, due to non-disruptive learning, it is better to collaborate with a microlearning solutions provider. Why so? Reasons we have mentioned in this post.

Professionally curated microlearning solutions enhance knowledge retention and are more learner-centric. It motivates learners and facilitates on-the-go learning. Service providers incorporate effective strategies that fill the knowledge gap and increases learning ROI. Also, clients have the freedom to update and modify the content. 


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