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5 Ways to Use Microlearning Solutions in an Online Training

Undoubtedly, microlearning has a myriad of benefits associated with it. Hence, this digital learning resource has become the talk of the town. The fact is that knowledge transfer is 17% more efficient through microlearning solutions. Also, more than 50% of learners prefer learning through exact solutions. Then, why is your company still lagging in this competitive era?

It is understood that integrating microlearning training programs into the daily curriculum is not an easy task. Besides, there are multiple uses of microlearning modules. Whether it is to convey the product knowledge or to provide demos, microlearning courses have their influence on every training program. However, the major question is how to implement them in virtual or online training. Here is how.

How to Use Microlearning Solutions in an Online Training

There are multiple ways to implement microlearning courses:

1.     Infographics

Research shows your employees have less than 25 minutes to learn something in a week. On the other hand, conveying important company policies is equally important. Hence, infographics are the best microlearning tool enriched with statistics and facts to make this task easy. As a result, it improves knowledge retention.

For instance, your employees are starting a new training program or a certification exam. It is important to brush up on some relevant knowledge. Here, infographics act as a microlearning training tool to highlight important facts and figures. Moreover, images blended in infographics reduce the cognitive overload through this visual-based approach.

2.     PDFs and eBooks

A simple yet effective digital resource that is popular in today’s eLearning era is PDFs or eBooks. They are easy to store and share. Also, they are accessible on different platforms and devices. By using simple authoring tools, these microlearning solutions are easy to develop. When there is a requirement for specific information, PDFs are the best resource!

PDFs, eBooks, and the according to the latest trend, flipbooks are the latest terminology added in this list. Flipbooks are the latest eBooks version and offer multi-device support. It works for remote and in-person corporate training. Add few packages of information with multimedia content and initiate the training program.

3.     Explainer videos

A study shows, employees forget 65% of knowledge within 7 days of acquiring knowledge. Why so? It is because they do not learn through visuals. Learning through microlearning videos has proven to be 9% easier to recall the information in comparison to texts. Thus, clients who want to integrate them into their training modules must follow the simple approach given below.

Upload explainer videos (animated or motion graphics) in the LMS. Ask your employees to install the LMS on their devices and access the content. Data shows this approach is 90% effective. Create informative videos on different topics and upload them on LMS with 24/7 accessibility. It makes it an easy task for your employees to revisit the content.

4.     Micro Webinars

Micro webinars of 10 to 15 minutes are a condensed format of the long hour sessions. Hence, if clients lack in focusing specific concepts in online training programs, they can also opt for micro webinars. A short length of discussions focuses on small learning groups. As a result, the knowledge transfer is more effective than doing the same with a large learning group.

For instance, host a mini event on social media platforms allowing few employees to join the session. Record the event and share its link with a mass group of your employees. In this manner, your company is sharing vital knowledge and expertise amongst the masses. Moreover, sharing the link is easy and takes less time compared to providing video files to all your employees.

5.     Social media tools

Social media tools are not limited to community network purposes. Many corporates are implementing these tools for training purposes. The most effective microlearning solutions enhance knowledge retention. It is a fact that 50% of learners use social media spaces to acquire knowledge or understand concepts.

Like LMS, develop a knowledge page on social media platforms having videos, learning snippets, and many other learning resources. Moreover, not just clients have the control of accessing learning content; even learners have the same freedom!


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