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5 Compelling Ideas to Make Mobile Learning Solutions Engaging

Deploying mobile learning (mLearning ) modules in the corporate training curriculum is simple. It elevates the productivity level by 43%. Also, the market cap of mobile learning solutions was $ $27.32 billion in 2019. Thus, companies worldwide are making significant changes in designing their corporate training programs.

However, a tedious mobile learning course will not yield a productive outcome. It is the duty of clients to make the solution engaging and compelling that draws in the attention of learners. So, we brought a guide of few ideas that helped them in doing so. Or else, the final solution is to outsource mLearning modules.

What Are Engaging Ideas To Elevate Mobile Elearning Experience?

1.     Microlearning courses

Bite-sized modules with short videos, PDFs, and eBooks make the learning process engaging. It is a fact that learners do not want to scroll through these resources endless times. Thus, keep the file length or size minimum as much as possible.  Short courses and learning nuggets allow learners to consume mLearning modules anywhere, anytime, without investing more duration and effort.

As a result, learners complete multiple training modules in few hours. Thus, 64% of organizations worldwide find mLearning as accessible and convenient to impart training courses. After all, 71% of the millennial workforce also prefers the same.

2.     Blogs

Next, the biggest treasure of knowledge and information on the digital space is the blog. It gives real-time information to the masses. By integrating the same in mobile devices, clients easily share the learning experience, URLs and publicize the best information to learners. Also, it is a good medium to discuss new topics.

For a good informative blog, academic experts suggest a 1000-1100 words blog. Why so? It is because 30% of readers read less than 1500 words. Moreover, many tools suggest the minimum word count should be 300 words, not less than that. Thus, develop a condensed yet informative blog. Avoid ‘What is’ terminologies from the blog post. Readers demand data, statistics, and blogs on the trending topic.

3.     Social media

The fact is 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media. On top of that, the average duration per user is 2 hours and 25 minutes. So, why do not divert this duration into learning? It is a simple and effective medium to provide social and collaborative learning. Whether through chatting or posting status on social media, all measures facilitate corporate training.

All in all, build a two way communication channel where learners take photos and videos from social media platforms and learn. As social media platforms have in-built discussion forums, knowledge transfer is easier, convenient, and quicker than conventional learning. Hence, corporates worldwide opt for mobile learning solutions.

4.     Make most of the mobile applications

Mobile applications are not restricted to OTT platforms and financial payments.  In a total of 89% of smartphone mobile app users, 50% of them download mLearning apps. Thus, there is a huge market for educational mobile apps. Clients have the option to upload videos, texts, and other relevant content on the mobile LMS and administer the training courses.

Design applications for different purposes like exams, specific purposes (for acquiring a particular skill), or for training information to elevate the learning experience. Want facts? App stores on Android and iOS platforms contribute 9% of the total downloads of mLearning apps. As a result, eLearning or education ranks 3rd in app stores, followed by Games and Business.

5.     Podcasts

A 2020 report shows an increase of 14% in podcasts listeners for the age bracket (34-54). In 2019, the percentage was 26% which increased to 40% in 2020. It is because publishing audios like radio programs engage the audience. Clients easily develop interactive podcasts of small file sizes and upload them on LMS.

Learners have the freedom to enjoy the content anytime and anywhere. Podcasts can be in the form of tutorials, promotions, interviews, or others. Moreover, clients can reinforce key messages of training modules. In a nutshell, short duration audios are easy to store, access, and share amongst mass learning groups.

Key takeaways

Mobile learning solutions are the future of the L&D landscape. It is possible that more organizations will rely on it to streamline their training purposes. In the future, the role of technology will expand, and hence mLearning will be the part of the new normal!


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