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6 Reasons Professional Transcription Service Is Crucial For Your Organization

On an average, a human being speaks 800 characters per minute. And recording every character has its own meaning. What if these recordings are needed for legal or business purposes? Recordings sometimes contain glitches that put brand integrity at risk. No worries! Audio transcription is here to save your business. Either do it on your own or collaborate with the company providing the professional transcription service.
If your organization is pondering why this audio transcription is crucial, open your eyes and read this post carefully. We cited a few pieces of information that will make your company choose audio transcription solutions to run the business. Inspect them.

How Professional Transcription Service Provider Benefits Your Business

SEO ranking
Transcribing marketing videos means more rankings of your company’s website in the digital space. Search engines boost the rankings of those content that has high volume traffic. According to study reports, transcripts earn on average 16% more revenue than they did before transcripts were added in videos. More facts? Research says, viewers are 80% more likely to watch a video to completion when closed transcriptions are available.
However, the sad part is 70% to 80% of the digital marketing team worldwide are unaware of the transcription. Thanks to professional transcription experts who not just transcribe explainer videos but also integrate high volume keywords that boost the traffic on your company’s website. Also, the viewership of videos will increase by 12%.
More content for advertising
Do not think that audio transcription is limited to the education domain. In fact, the media and entertainment industry spent a whopping 77% more than the cross-industry average on automated transcription technology. The purpose was not only limited to entertainment but also to advertising purposes.
Content is the king in advertising. The more it is engaging, the more it will produce the revenue. Moreover, 80% of the internet users read transcripts and prefer to read and watch videos. Ignoring transcriptions? Well, your company should be ready to lose out on this 80% audience.
The ball is in your court, to transcribe or not! If your company faces any sort of technical burden, collaborate with the professional transcription service provider. They will produce impeccable and engaging transcription to boost advertising. Also, they deliver multilingual solutions that allow your company to connect with different language audiences.
Save time
On an average, the transcription duration is 10 hours if a novice is doing for 1 hour media file. However, not the same case is with the professional transcription experts. They accomplish the same task within 4 hours for the same. So, why does your company not save this valuable time by collaborating with a reliable service provider?
For transcription companies, time is the utmost priority and the commitment towards clients. They meet the deadline and deliver a quality product. But it does not mean that the in-house team is incapable of doing the same. It is just a matter of the fact that they may not deliver the final draft of the transcription project on time.
Allows You to Focus on Your Operations
Running a business operation is not an easy task. Clients spend day and night and give their best to enhance business productivity. In one study, it was found that that outsourcing transcription companies reduce the organization’s burden by 70% to 80%. As a result, clients quickly focus on their daily business routine and the profit.
Collaborating with transcription companies means an entirely technical burden is shifted on transcription experts. So, clients have no concerns about the project and its delivery time. They provide accurate, compelling, and industry leading solutions for higher ROI.
Accuracy is the best.
Next, there is no problem with accuracy or quality transcription. With 0.01% error and 99.99% accuracy, they provide optimal transcription solutions for different projects. It means whether it is an academic transcription requirement, verbatim, or any other type of transcription, accuracy, and quality will be the same in all projects.
Also, their accuracy is for all types of file formats. Whether it is an audio file or a video one, no problem is with the accuracy. Clients receive accurate files without any error or delay. That is what makes Professional Transcription Service providers special.
Suits the pocket
Finally, capital and financial resources are essential resources to run the business. If we talk about transcribing the content through an in-house team, the per minute word charge would be $ 3.00 per to $7.50. However, the same cost while outsourcing is estimated around 75 cents to $1.50 per audio minute.
Thus, outsourcing the transcription service provider is a good deal when it comes to savings and managing volumes of projects. That is why industries worldwide count on transcription companies to save dollars and get quality transcription for different project requirements.


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