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7 Reasons Digital Image Processing Services Is a Blessing for Media and Marketing Sector

In 2017, the media industry earned 555 million AUD. As a result, Australia registered a good growth in the advertising and marketing domain as well. According to market reports, online advertising earned 9.1 AUD in the year 2020, and digital marketing expenditures raised by 20.21%. Many companies leveraged digital image processing services to enhance their productivity. Image processing means incorporating meaningful and manipulating images to develop a compelling illustration.
Both industrial sectors use optimal digital image processing solutions like image sharpening, resolution correction, filters and much more. Now, the question is that ‘What more roles did it play in boosting the media and marketing sector’s growth?’ Read this post carefully to get the answer.
Crucial Role of Image Processing In Boosting Media and Marketing Sectors

  1. Boost content marketing
    It is a fact that 70% of companies invest in visual content marketing that includes graphics and multimedia content. So, dealing with digital images means clients require to scan images, restore and object detection to get optimal digital images that grab the attention of viewers.
    Hence, companies outsource digital image processing solutions from reliable service providers who implement the latest technologies to produce interactive media assets. As a result, compelling visuals help clients to gain the attraction of the masses to their visual content.
  2. Brand storytelling
    Whether it is a marketing sector or a media firm, the brand is what users are fond of! So, conveying the brand message accurately to the target audience should be done with higher efficiency. Thus, images play a crucial role in conveying the brand message. But just downloading them from the internet does not make any visually appealing look!
    To make it more attractive, image processing services providers use technical excellence to enhance the branding level of products. They convert images or manipulate them according to clients’ requirements. One market study shows, 1 in every 4th marketer invests in brand storytelling to promote their products. In this investment, outsourcing solutions provider also includes.
  3. Computer vision
    In today’s digital era, computer vision has become a hot topic for the business world. The accuracy of computer vision in image processing is so much that 90% to 95% of businesses worldwide yield productive outcomes. In the modern business culture, interactive media has its dominance, and it promises a good future growth of a CAGR of 6.5% between 2021 to 2025.
    But the major reason behind this growth of interactive media solutions is smart glasses, VR headsets and other tools that run on computer vision. And most of us know that computer vision is one of the technologies used in image processing. This technology detects objects through computer algorithms and serves the need of end-users. Want to know their examples? Well, AR, VR and ML are the best examples.
  4. Face detection
    Today several social media platforms use facial recognition for stickers, chatting and posting status. According to one research, the accuracy level of facial recognition is 99.97%. That is why marketing agencies and digital media firms leverage this technology to boost their business productivity. If we talk about its revenue, then its global market registered a revenue of $3.86 billion in 2020.
    For retailers, this technology helps in appealing to consumers for certain products through heat maps or devise targeted advertisements. Also, while marketing, companies consider gender and age factors to make it easier for them to perform the targeted marketing. That is why its expected growth by 2025 will be $8.5 billion.
  5. Image tagging
    Studies show that 80% of users see instead of reading. Thus, whether it is a website or digital asset, images are crucial for visual communication. But there is plenty of image traffic available in the digital space. Hence, to get good rankings in SERPs, companies use image tagging solutions, a form of image processing services.
    To understand it better, we have one example to show. One of the leading social media platforms used this image tagging tool in 2011 to tag their users’ images on different image posts. But this tool not just helped individuals but marketers worldwide. Due to this tool, business organizations witnessed a 39% of more interaction level in websites compared to websites with no image tagging.
  6. Image compression
    In television broadcasting and remote sensing, the image compression technology is used by media and marketing firms worldwide. Not just that, even visual communication is facilitated by Teleconferencing that involves image compression technology for smooth communication. It reduces the cost of digital image transmission by 40%.
  7. As a result, marketing and media companies leverage this solution to transmit, store and manage volumes of images. Computer algorithms take the visual perception and statistical properties of digital images, and later it is compressed and stored in the cloud platform. There are many companies that lack cloud storage to store digital images. Thankfully, image processing solutions providers are available 24/7 with technical assistance.
  8. Video processing
    Video processing solution is another vital element of the image processing solution. In this, technical experts process frame by frame of video stills, motions, noise elements and colour space. As a result, it produces a flawless video file for DVDs, VCRs and video codecs and video streaming applications.
    News and marketing agencies using explainer videos yield the most effective outcome. That is why the expected market growth of $11.4 billion by 2026.
    Key Takeaways
    After reading this blog post, one thing is for sure the image processing tool is here to stay! And the plus point is that not just media and marketing, but medical and other sectors are also leveraging this tool to continue the business process. The expected growth of the image processing solutions’ market of 115.56 Billion by 2028.
    But companies who do not have the technical expertise to perform the same outsource image processing services from the reliable service provider. So, when does your company outsource?

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