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E-learning is the new platform where learning becomes hassle-free. Learners can browse through millions of books with just a flick of the mouse. That is virtually impossible in physical classroom learning. Cloud-based learning gives the learners an abundance of scope that they never dream of.

eLearning is particularly helpful at an unpredictable time mainly arising from natural calamities, a pandemic that the world is currently facing at its worst. Learners can’t attend physical classes daily. Instead, they go for e-learning in their leisure time.

Due to the unpredictable situation, organizations are bound to digitize the entire gamut of their operation, like training at the workplace and development programs. Consequently, the paradigm shift to digitizing the workplace is felt in every nook and cranny of the globe. So, a revolution in eLearning is palpable. Therefore, to consider providing effective solutions to corporate learning, corporate should adopt the best eLearning platforms.

Most corporations spend considerable money on training. But the evaluation of the training is merely based on the Smiley sheets. It does not reflect the true values in the direction of the business goals.  

Some of the corporate’s best practices are mentioned below:

Fail to align learning objectives regarding business goals:

It is estimated that 38%(Source Brandon Hill group) of corporate learning strategy is assigned with business objectives. Many companies do not have a proper learning strategy.

At the time of affecting corporate training, it should align with the objectives of the organization. Here is some possible way out for the effective implementation of the business goals.

  • It is better to take the advice of the senior the areas which need to improve.
  • A compressive examination of the need for business and solutions before finally giving a green signal.
  • Analysis of the outcome of the training in light of effectiveness with the business goals.

Ease of learning solutions:

On paper, it appears to be promising but implementing the learning process is not so easy. Many learners feel bored pursuing the learning process as it does not rekindle their engagement. Nevertheless, the educators deliver the lecture effectively, and the doorway effect lingers as the learners forget gained knowledge on crossing the classroom threshold. 

There is no iota of doubt that physical classroom training is the foundation of the learning process, but certain types of training require flexibility.

To make it more flexible, and opulence resources are there to make the learning engaging and high retention like Microlearning, mLearning, Gamification, Video-based learning and other learning resources. Corporate will decide to pick up the corporate training based on the chosen resources.

Consistency in training delivering:

Organizations bank on the team members if the training they receive is consistent and pertinent, and the company certainly grows based on the skills they acquired through training. These apart, content also play a pivotal role. Consistency in training content and perfect delivery is easy than physical classroom training for obvious reasons. The effectiveness of Learning Management Systems coupled with other online resources is the perfect mix to enhance the quality of training manifold.

Team members can benefit through training like the following :

  • Stay engaged and motivated. Those results in improved performance.
  • Ensures retention of workforce considerable.
  • Come across training effectiveness.  

Underpinning training retention:  

Many opine that corporatetraining is easy. Nevertheless, training is performed greatly, and it does notensure that learners will remember everything taught in training. Hence, theproblems of retention of knowledge become a challenge.

Retention of learninghappens as soon as learners use the gained knowledge at the workplace.Unfortunately, it does not occur always. Microlearning and nanolearning arewonderful means to retain knowledge effectively. If an eLearning survey

believes, it increases retention by 70% to 90% than traditional learning medium. 

Contemplating going global:

If clients want to increase their brand globally, they must ensure that their team members deliver consistently across the length and breadth of the globe.

Before embarking on a mentioned mission, it is imperative on the part of the client to examine the following:

  • Ascertain the consistency and relevance of the content.
  • Method of training
  • Ascertain the fruitfulness of the training.

In today’s context, the training provider provides the exact content that satisfies the need of the team members. So, the best eLearning platforms are the best bait.

Quality that makes the difference:

Return on investment, also known as ROI, is the sweet music to every stakeholder’s ears. Despite it being an integral part of any business, achieving it is not easy. Therefore, measuring ROI in training bears the crucial parameters that are to be ensured.

Arrange training at the right time:

With the rapid stride in technology, so does the demand for acquiring new skills evolve. Organizations have to keep in pace with the changing dynamics in business. If the team members want to acquire the new skills, it should be right, and delay will be detrimental for the organization. Therefore, training at the right time will be the most prudent choice so far.

Final words:

 If clients map out the training in a most effective way – providing diverse formats, access from anywhere and anytime, and aligning with business goals. They do not want to think in terms of values in training because that is already there. 

It does not mean that classroom training is no longer in vogue, and they are in their place. However, live corporate training enhances learning even further, and it bolsters its essence going forward. Therefore, it should bear in mind that the root of learning should back up with the instructional design. Unquestionably, the best eLearning platforms come of age prominently now.


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