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Professional Voice over Localisation Takes Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

Voice has the immense power to grab viewers’ or listeners’ attention. That is why several businesses worldwide count on professional voice over localisation to enhance their brand value. According to reports, 78% of companies worldwide utilize voiceover solutions to elevate their brand exposure in the market. After all, business expansion in foreign territories requires a proper communication channel. Even brands need to adapt to the local culture of the target market.

A good tone means successful marketing. Thus, explainer videos and other marketing videos have a clear tone in the form of voiceover. Want to know how they play a crucial role in the marketing purpose? Below is the answer.

How Professional voice over localisation  Elevates Marketing Experience

1.     Reinforce sonic branding

In simpler words, ‘sonic branding’ means sound trademark. Which means a particular soundtrack becomes the brand face. For instance, jingles for a few products or services are good examples of sonic branding. Even these soundtracks are essential marketing after logo, colour, font, and social media hashtags.

That is why professional voice talents are the best option to receive different tones for your different products. Even they will make your brands trustworthy as your consumers will connect themselves with your brand emotionally. Not just that, even they adapt to local culture and accents while doing the voiceover. In a nutshell, it is a part of video marketing that almost 90% of marketers use to sell their products and services.

2.     Target the right consumer

No doubt your Spanish consumers will understand the Spanish accent. And French consumers will French. So, is your company continued the marketing with a single tone and accent? Well, you might face loss by not targeting the right market and consumers base! No worries, professional voice over localisation have talents who deliver brand tone in different accents and language.

As a result, the right tone hits the right market space giving maximum consumer base to your company. Well reports say, 56.2% of online consumers rely on voice information for purchasing that they hear in videos. So, if your company does not have the right tone to market, it would be difficult to market your product in the right market. This goes a long way for establishing brand loyalty and boosting engagement rates.

3.     Social media: A branding bonus

Videos are an all-time favourite of online consumers. They share, like, and download for entertainment and shopping purposes. If we talk about statistics, in 2018, social media videos generated 1200% more shares than texts and images. However, a good quality video is determined by its tone, which is possible only by a good voiceover talent.

A good and a compelling tone always leave an impact on your consumers. If they find videos interesting and engaging, they will watch and connect with videos emotionally. After all, it is creating mouth publicity when your viewers share videos on social media channels. Even a survey shows that 49% of consumers share informative videos containing vital information about products and services.

4.     Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is an essential element of all marketing campaigns. So, if your company is also looking for the same for marketing, emphasize an on-brand tone. Do not ignore the right tone in emotionally-centered stories, product-driven explainers, and promos. One report shows that 80% of consumers like videos conveying product or service significance in their daily lives.

So, how will your company do the brand storytelling for the global market? Well, the answer is a professional voice over localisation companies. They have a different set of tones for different products and services. Whether it is emotional, happy, or promotional tone, professional talents never disappoint companies. After all, they deliver a 100% accurate brand tone for companies worldwide.

5.     Low bounce rate and higher conversions

If your company has a website, it should contain a few gripping elements for a higher ROI. Study shows, one visitor spends 10 seconds on websites. And if there is nothing engaging, then they will not revisit the site again. So, how to retain the consumer base in such a short duration? Well, the best solution is voiceover localization.

An engaging voice on websites keeps visitors for long. Which means it will grow their interest in your websites. A professional voiceover talent includes engaging visuals and an attention grabbing script’s narration. As a result, these elements enhance the website’s credibility and the company’s marketing strategies.

The Bottom Line

Among several marketing techniques, voiceover solutions have become a popular marketing tool. With a simple, innovative, and creative tone, companies easily sell their product. However, the right tone with rhythm, pitch, and clarity is a must that professional voiceover talents deliver to companies. That is why market leaders collaborate with them for high-quality voice tones. After all, voiceover companies deliver multilingual solutions, which gives the brand exposure to different corners of the world.


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