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Maintaining workspace procedures and making an effective and less time-consuming learning and efficient program development are the deep concerns on the part of the L&D managers. The ever-growing business dynamics are constantly pushing the business process challenges. 

Under these circumstances, getting an educated and trained workforce is not easy to achieve. Finding better ways to implement training programs helps the companies have a competitive edge. 

It has been quite a time when blended learning platforms offer solutions to mentioned concerns. However, corporate training has to embrace new animated videos ably catered to by Animated Video Production Services.

This blog aims to decipher eight video animation resources applied in eLearning platforms and help your following eLearning projectsLet’s walk through it.

Comic Style Animation:

Precisely, it is a combination of animation and print comic books. The panels divide individually, expanding in a full shot that accompanies audio effect, visual movement, and voice-over narration, and other familiar elements used in the comic, like speech bubbles and text boxes removed to maintain the clarity of the original comic art.

2D Animation:

Undoubtedly, video plays a pivotal role not only in marketing but also in educational domains. It has been gaining traction in the entire gamut of the online world and has provided excellent learners engagement like never before. Animated explainer video offers flexibility and accessibility to end-users

2d explainer video is a marketing resource that provides the target audience with an organizational objective. An explainer video is viral nowadays. Corporates leverage this critical medium in the following ways:

  • Corporates ensure content quality and sometimes use narration to get things done.
  • It ensures quality. 
  • Sometimes, learners are unable to fathom the underlying meaning of the companies. The company hires an explainer video companyThey, in turn,break the entire concept into meaningful chunks to facilitate the understanding of the learners.
  • Due to a shortage of time, learners cannot read content nor intend to search for information. It is the explainer video that demonstrates an easy step-by-step lesson to learners
  • It does not limit here explainer video can boost understanding of concepts by communicating with various clients across geographies. In this process, they scale up globally.

3D Animation:

The definition of 3d animation is creating a three-dimensional image in motion and putting it in the digital environment. Applying those concepts requires software that is designed explicitly for generation 3d animation. The 3d animation produces the illusion of the movement that animates objects to life.

3d animation is commonly used in marketing and presentation in the entire gamut of the industry.

  • One of the benefits of 3d animation instantly brings comic relief that makes viewing it most engaging to the audience, which is especially beneficial in promoting your product. Indeed, a great way to let the consumers know your business objective.
  • Promoting through animation is an effective way to draw attention to the audience. A well-knit video animation creates indelible imprints in the audience’s mind, and the ripple effects of this branding stay longer. In this way, consumers feel motivated, leading to purchase decisions.
  • Whenever the flaws in 3d animation, the organization can immediately rectify them, reducing your expenses and saving time. Depending on your requirements, costs and saving time through 3d animation may vary.
  • 3d animation provides detailed information, removing unnecessary information and making the information crystal clear to the audience. It gives the viewers a clear understanding of the product and services quickly. No other communication channel can provide quick access to the intended message conveyed by the organization.

College Style Animation:

This type of animation is a healthy mix of illustration and photographs. The process of making this animation is to mix with cut-up images and photos and audio effects and integrate with animated software to churn out adequate comic-style energy

Kinetic Typographic Animation:

It bases on the two types of viewers. Some audiences like to enjoy more visual elements, and others respond better to words. This animation considers the two types of learners’ preferences by mixing visible ingredients and words to express the ideas or storytelling. Undoubtedly, watching words with proper audio evokes a perfect ambience to immerse.  If properly executed, it will grab the eyeballs of the audience. 

In Fluid Typography, any moving text does not restrict its size or direction; somewhat, it changes in any order. These particular features give the organizations the freedom to move text and provide a sense of individuality that directs their communication.  

Stop Motion Video:

It is in the process of making the animation frame-by-frame with minor changes in the subjects. After that, it will assemble in for complete sequence. There are many jargonized terms like “Stop action movie,” “Claymation,” etc. Regardless of terminology, they follow the same principles. Simply put, an illusionary movement so created is the product of physical activities frame by frame.    

  • The unquestionable benefits accrue from storytelling are overwhelming, and this is because it combines audio and video modes of learning that give learners much information. The practical implication is to enhance the vocabulary that has relevance in day-to-day life. 
  • Therefore, the content should be such that learners can derive pleasure from the content irrespective of the circumstances. Hence, the learning journey becomes more prospective through storytelling. 
  • An eye-grabbing content help learner focus on it, and the combination of audio and video provides a seamless experience. It proves that oral and video combined information can help retention by 60%. Hence, it is a suitable means for learners to keep informative information for a long

Screencast Videos:

It is nothing but a digitally recorded computer display. It is ably supported by voice-over narration. It is commonly practised incorporate where learners learn the software product’s nitty-gritty. The screencast video helps learners come across the exact procedure of the product and follow it accordingly. 

Many complicated topics, especially software procedures or features, become simple through explainer video. As a result, the learner can increase their knowledge in a fun-filled manner. It generates pertinent information that helps an organization communicate effectively to the target audience. Hence, the importance of explainer video is easily understood.

Whiteboard Animation:

Whiteboard animation is a technique through which a story and image are sketches on the whiteboard. A narrator with his mesmerizing narration can enliven the story spoken within the drawing to enhance its impact. However, the animation is simple; whiteboard animation is compelling and engaging.

It well documents that video marketing has gained tremendous traction over the years. It is part and parcel of marketing strategy. Everybody wants to be part of video marketing. It is evident from the above that video marketing is a vital clog in the wheel of marketing strategy. It provides the following:

  • More than 60% is likely to share.
  • 15% enhancement information retention.
  • 33% more entertaining.

Wrapping Up:

The rich inputs furnished above have immensely helped organizations venture out next project by outsourcing animated video production services at the earliest.


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