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VR learning solutions: Next Big Things to Transform the Corporate Training

Immersive technologies like AR VR are continuously transforming the learning pattern. And the good thing is apart from marketing or entertainment point of view; these technologies are now used for corporate training purposes too. Don’t you believe us? Well, we have one survey report to convince you. It shows that learners are 275% more confident…

5 Mobile eLearning Strategies For Your Company

As the world and humans are progressing, mobile has become an important in our daily lives. That is why 77% of companies worldwide count on mobile eLearning solutions to lessen their learning gap. After all, these are interactive learning solutions that are 100% accurate and grab the attention of learners. However, does your company successfully…


It has been found that the average human attention span becomes very short, and this fact supports by a recent study that the average human attention span has diminished from 12 sec in 2000 to eight sec in recent times. Despite the change, the importance of learning at the workplace remains intact.  Undoubtedly, an organization’s…

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