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It has been found that the average human attention span becomes very short, and this fact supports by a recent study that the average human attention span has diminished from 12 sec in 2000 to eight sec in recent times. Despite the change, the importance of learning at the workplace remains intact. 

Undoubtedly, an organization’s culture of learning brings about innovation, competitiveness, adaptable to the changing dynamics of the business. The question remains-how the learners can learn with a short attention span. The solution lies inMicrolearning. The organization should outsource Microlearning companies.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the process of educational learning in an engaging way. All Microlearning process shares the same principles. It can offer a short, memorable chunk of the content that learners can follow in their spare time. The content is composed in such a way so that it does not take much learner’s time, minimizing hours of pursuing it.

The contents have different forms such as video, standard texts, interactive media like online tests, quizzes, etc. Irrespective of the learning mode, the content is always short.

Traits of Microlearning:

  1. The module lasts not more than 3 to 10 minutes and not exceeding 20 minutes. 
  2. It focuses on one or two particular concepts, skills, and topics, preferably limited to two topics.
  3. In this process, the delivery mode varies like audio, video, interactive gaming, and it is limited to one or two modules.
  4. The modules are done in keeping with the high mobile users. To put it another way, Microlearning and mobile learning are inseparable.

Reasons to Adopt Microlearning in YourBusiness:

Fast and Short:

The basic foundation of Microlearning focuses on specific and easily accessible courses to the learners. They can finish bit-sized numerous courses within one or two hours. This way, learners can manage their time while getting all the required information they want. 

The first-paced learning process enables the learner to respond quickly to the changing dynamics of business objectives. Besides, it helps the agency familiarize itself with the surging new training requirements due to changes in business perspective over time.   

Significantly Emphasis on Learning Goals:

Unlike traditional courses, Microlearning has the most vital focus, enabling learners to analyze their learning journey. The process of Microlearning has a tremendous impact on the retention of knowledge, and that information can stay long in the learner’s mind. 

 Learning so many things becomes a constraint for learners to retain the information.But, Microlearning helps learners learn a specific topic and can help them get a firm grip over the specific topic without being confused.

Applying Different Media:

Taking different learner resources makes Microlearning engaging and thought-provoking. They deliver the learning process innovatively and in exciting ways:

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Infographics
  4. Text
  5. M-learning
  6. Gamification and other resources

All those resources mentioned above are fun-filled and engaging.


  1. Makes eLearning Easy and Fun-filled: Gamification and other game-based learning leverage the easiest and understandable way to learn. The learning is delivered in such that it combines education and entertainment. Gamification eLearning, thus makes the learners have a seamless experience of the learning process. Undoubtedly, the gamification initiative is a creative process for learning new skills. 
  • Seamless Experience: Gamification in learning is an effective means for learners to engage in content extensively. Every chance that once learners get excitement in learning, their information gained so far can retain information for a long time.
  • Enhance Motivation and Engagement: It is a challenge to deliver a hybrid mode eLearning program because of many factors that include motivation and engagement. The vital aim of learning is primarily focused on instilling new knowledge in the learners.

 If those objectives are not fulfilled, the very intention of the eLearning fails. Gamification in eLearning provides the learners a lot of engagement and motivation and gets a lot of information that helps the learners to retain information.


A study finds that 65% of searching, especially knowledge through mobile. Hence, the clients must look for technology that caters seamlessly regardless of the device used. Since mobile users across the globe account for the majority portion, the mobile device should be responsive to pursue eLearning courses comfortably. Doing so, the clients should solve the following things:

  1. What device do the learners generally use?
  2. Does the organization follow the rule that the learners bring their device for work reasons?
  3. Does delivering of learning compatible with the device? 

Suppose the answer is yes, so it is the right direction for the organization to move forward. However, many companies do not have adequate design resources. Therefore, they should adopt it for the betterment of organization prospects

Size of the Screen Matters:

The small screen is the better option as the users scroll the content on an average of four to five times to see the entire content. It estimates that almost 60% of users generally do not zoom for the sake of viewing the entire content. Hence, the agency needs to keep the screen size small.

Besides, the content should be engaging, and the text format should be readable; hence, no need for zooming is required on the part of the learners.

Enhanced Content Creation Process: 

There is a marked improvement in the content creation process as the learning process becomes short and effective, which significantly encourages learners. The ability to retain knowledge on the part of the learners becomes stronger.

Use Graphics in a Meaningful Way: 

Unquestionably, if the contents have graphics and videos, it dramatically enhances the understanding of the topics, especially the complex topics. There is often a problem in showing the graphics in a small size. Consequently, 64% of learners leave the course midway.

 It is, therefore, a challenge for the organization to get rid of the problems and improve their productivity. Quality graphics resolution will undoubtedly help learners to comprehend their topics better.

Using short videos backed up by excellent audio or infographics increases engagement.    

Final Words:

Microlearning is the kind of learning process that can use any learning phase. It provides higher participation, retention of knowledge, lots of engagement, and favorable completion rates. Therefore, leveraging the advantage of Microlearning, the organization should outsource Microlearning companies.  


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