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Learners face an impending deadline, a hectic schedule, and of course, face stress every day. It keeps the eLearning professional on their toes to create the aesthetic appeal of the eLearning course. 

The intention of this is to draw the learners’ attention starting from the beginning, hold their attention, guide it and continue it until the eLearning experience comes to an end. If it is not, then your eLearning course fails to live up to the expectation of your eLearning learners. Therefore, it is of your utmost importance to outsource an eLearning content development provider to meet the requirements

Some tips that appeal to eLearning course bolstering the motivation and retention of your learners’ knowledge. Let’s decipher the secret of it:

Right eLearning Template Backed up by Suitable Theme:  

All eLearning elements in the eLearning course layout should be properly placed, especially images, graphics, and font colors. All those ingredients form the theme that evokes a feeling of unity and cohesion in the eLearning course design. Without a properly executed theme, the eLearning course layout looks chaotic and uninspiring.

So, properly picking up an eLearning template with a theme can rightly justify your subject matter and ably suited to preference, background, or the audiences’ interest. An engaging modern theme that corresponds to the futuristic touches is no doubt a proper means to technology-backed eLearning courses.

Familiar Layout: 

Learners generally start scanning a page from the top left corner when they first click through the journey of the page.

Thus, in the exact sense of the word, all desired important information should be present at the spot when they gravitate their eyes from left to right where all the supporting text, images are placed in that place or bottom of the page. It is better to put the visible navigating icon at the bottom of the page so that It helps the learners to find the navigating icon easily.

Combine Colour that Best Represent Your Brand:   

The power of colour has a lot of significance. Hence, picking up the right colour combination of your eLearning course certainly enriches your credibility and offers more impact on the eLearning course design. Learners feel quite comfortable finding that they are associated with high-quality and standard organizations.   

Mindful of Choosing Font Types:

Many organizations are not very familiar with the use of font colures judiciously. Here is the catch- often, it observers that learners are not very comfortable reading the page as it strains their eyes due to indiscriminately uses of the colour. It immediately demotivates the learners.

Do not go after the innovative, elegant font colours and ensure they pass the readability test. It is better to collaborate with your online learners before picking up the font’s legibility for the eLearning course.

Be Aware of the Contrast:

Apart from choosing your font, contrast also plays an important role. The organizations are picking up the right background where the placing of the font is ideal. For example, selecting a black background and dark blue font, the learners find it hard to unearth the text due to the dark colour background. Hence, contrast plays a pivotal role to draws the attention of the learners and ably highlighting a concept.

Engaging Images:

The power of the image lies in the fact that it can trigger emotion and forces the learners to rethink the current presumptions, especially if they are gripping and inspiring. Use an image in the eLearning course that connects emotionally and helps learners understand the subject matter better.

Care should take that the image is relevant to the topic; otherwise, it only significantly confuses the learners. Another important aspect is that the organization should research so that the image used in the eLearning course is not offensive.. 

Effective eLearning content:

For e-learning content, many learners, regardless of their educational background, upgrade their skills to be relevant in current age and time. Therefore, mistake-riddled content demotivates the learners. To get more engagement and pertinent to the subject, the clients look at the content that ought to be error-free and smooth-flowing.


Your eLearning course can access from any device. It should not confine to the only particular device so that every learner can access it anytime and anywhere. Here it is the most important aspect to devise a device that develops a responsive design through which a learning management system regardless of the size of the screen and compatible with all devices.

The device should be HTML5 compatible. If executed properly, your eLearning course will then be more appealing for consumption for the learners.  

Simple and Precise:

Reading comprehensive text is not the cup of tea of most learners, and it simply demotivates them. It is better to introduce short-duration texts and video content and add multimedia elements. This way, it is more apt for your training endeavors. Take other eLearning resources for examples:

  • Explainer Video:An explainer video is a marketing tool that provides the target audience with an organizational objective. An explainer video is viral nowadays. Corporates leverage this critical medium in the following ways:
  • Corporates ensure content quality and sometimes use narration to get things done.
  • It ensures quality. 
  • Sometimes, learners cannot fathom the underlying meaning of the companies. They, in turn,break the entire concept into meaningful chunks to facilitate the understanding of the learners.
  • Due to a shortage of time, learners cannot read content or have no intention of searching for information. It is the explainer video that demonstrates an easy step-by-step lesson to learners. 
  • It does not limit here explainer video can boost understanding of concepts by communicating with various clients across geographies. In this process, they scale up globally.
  • Any agency tries its level best to make it more engaging and productive, and presentation keeps the promise by presenting the best possible manner to the clients. That’s the USP of video explainer.
  • Whiteboard Animation:Whiteboard animation is a technique through which a story and image are sketches on the whiteboard. A narrator with his mesmerizing narration can enliven the story spoken within the drawing to enhance its impact. However, the animation is simple; whiteboard animation is compelling and engaging.   

Mindful of client requirements:

The solution providers must ensure that the module’s content should follow the client’s requirements. The module should be engaging and relevant information to understand the topics easily.  

Self-paced learning:

There is no scope for self-paced learning in traditional learning as the learners can manage different subjects within the stipulated period to meet the curriculum objectives.

But, in the online classroom, learners can look at their speed—no need to hurry to finish the topics.

They can clear their doubts at any time, thereby developing a firm grip over their subjects.

Wrapping Up:

Before composing an appealing eLearning course, the organization should devise a sound strategy and proper understanding of the learners’ psychology. Therefore, the company should outsource the eLearning content development service at the earliest.


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