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Blended Learning: Finding the Right Strategy for Your Organization

Gone were those days when organizational learning was limited to the four walls of classroom space. Today, corporate organizations invest in self paced learning programs for higher engagement of learners. Surveys, statistics, and data show millennial workforce prefers the same. However, the COVID-19 pandemic invented a new learning approach called blended learning.

Blended learning follows a different learning approach from the traditional classroom. Here, clients facilitate the learning programs through web based tools and classroom training. That is why it is called ‘blended’.  It reinforces vital eLearning concepts and training programs. Let us explore different strategies that blended e learning solutions offer in corporate training programs.

What is Blended Learning?

In corporate learning, blended learning is a complementary learning model of traditional and eLearning resources. Instructor led training sessions with media enriched content are one of its great examples. Blended learning aligns with the modern learning culture. Hence, global business leaders opt for the same to continue training programs.

It is flexible and easy to learn anywhere and anytime. Therefore, amid this pandemic crisis, the blended learning model helped in continuing training programs.

Key merits of blended learning programs in corporate learning

There are certain benefits that blended learning solutions offer. Below, we discussed these key merits briefly. Read on.

Blended learning saves capital

No travel cost, no accommodation expenditures, and no extra investment for flexibility; these are all features that blended learning offers. It reduces clients’ and their learners’ effort to finish training programs on time. As a result, there is no extra investment required to reschedule training programs.

Blended learning saves time

Undoubtedly, time constraints block the learning success of clients. Spending an average of 20-30 minutes a week is not so useful. So, the blended learning model is the solution to deliver quick information in no time.

A high-quality LMS is a perfect package with online modules included in it. With this, clients impart quality knowledge into shorter segments with different modalities. As a result, learning retention increases of learners, ensuring higher learning ROI.

Fun and engaging

Are conventional training programs tedious? Boost the engagement level of eLearning through blended learning solutions. Group discussions, instructor led training, gamification and other learning resources are fun and engaging. Professionally curated blended learning solutions embrace the latest and traditional learning resources for an effective outcome. 

Better communication

Clients easily customize, transform or make changes according to the requirement in blended learning modules. Not just that, it is also beneficial for their remote workers. Good communication is required to facilitate quality learning modules across learners. As a result, quality learning determines organizational success.

With proper communication skills and quality learning, blended learning modules plays a huge importance in corporate learning. One of its key factors is that blended learning collaborates with learners having different learning capabilities. Flashcards, code cards, and flipped classrooms provide learning with appropriate communication.

Track learning progress

Do not judge the program’s efficiency by its completion. Also, track the learning progress and evaluate results at regular intervals. The LMS (Learning Management System) is a part of the blended learning strategy.  It allows clients to take pertinent actions according to learners’ performance.

Different tools like mind mapping games, quizzes, and MCQs evaluate learning proficiency. With this information, clients design learning programs that fit all their learners.

Different blended learning strategies for the workplace

For every successful training, corporates follow the underlying approaches. Pick the one and build a successful workplace training program for learners.

Flipped Classroom

A blend of in-person and virtual learning is called flipped classroom model. It is an ideal option to continue training in the hustle and bustle of the busy schedule. So, clients who look to connect with the busy workforce, have an option of the flipped classroom.

Maps and Game Pieces

Visual representation is an effective means to elevate the learning experience. Therefore, integrate maps, games, and engaging elements to elevate the learning experience. These interactive elements are downloadable and engaging.

Scratch Cards

Next, scratch cards are the blended learning tool to facilitate quality learning. It promotes active participation by rewarding them with points. In addition, the scratching card tendency generates a curiosity amongst learners.

Key takeaways

Blended learning solutions are the need of the hour in corporate learning domain. It not only gives quality education but boosts active participation. Incorporate effective strategies that ensure higher learning ROI and productive results.


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