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Gamification service provider: What to consider when selecting them

Today, learning solutions have different approaches in imparting quality education. It includes games, infotainment, and many more. But, that is not the end! Simulations and scenarios are also part of this list. However, games make your company the market leader. How? It is because; games contain interactivities like quizzes and puzzles.

So, doing it on your own? Be safe in its development process! If not sure about technical aspects, better outsource a gamification service provider. Although names are plenty in the digital space, make this job easier following the tips mentioned below.

But, first, let us understand who they are?

What Are Gamification Services?

Just add gaming mechanics to the normal learning curriculum and see the magic! Not just higher engagement but higher knowledge retention is also what your business gets. But, who provides it? An experienced platform! Yes, only experienced companies provide the same and integrate all engaging elements in one package. So, what say about outsourcing them? Why not transform the nongaming learning environment. Easy, engaging, and quality, and what else is required? So, opt for it now!

Good, if understood, what are they. But, not over yet. Type ‘gamification companies’ in the search engine. What got? Plenty of names? How could a search engine know your business objectives? It is we who know what your brand requires. So, follow these tips to pick the right vendor for projects.

What to Look At When Choosing The Gamification Company

Not just one, but plenty of factors influence the clients’ decision. However, to make the job easy, follow these top factors and streamline the outsourcing process.


Don’t want your consumers to access your product? After all, the customer is the king. But, technical and complexities make the brand inaccessible. It is hazardous for brand reputation! So, while picking the right vendor, assure that gamification solutions are accessible. Also, check whether it follows WCAG, Section 508, and other accessibility standards or not.

What gaming mechanics do they follow? Do they provide LMS and interactive learning programs? Hurry up and sign the pact if the answer is yes! Why is it so crucial? Simple logic is that the more accessibility, the more is the consumer base!

Basic elements? Yes!

No concrete mixture means no building strength. Likewise, no basic elements mean no gamification. But, what are those elements? Here is a list of a few.

  • Leaderboards
  • Badges
  • Rewards
  • And a feedback system

Why only these elements and not others? All because of developing a competitive learning environment. So, choose the service provider and collaborate with them if this feature is available with them. Or else, keep the hunt going on!

Multilingual is the best!

What? Remote learners across the globe? Now, tough situation for your company. How to deal with them? One solution to a myriad of problems is the only multilingual gamification solution. Different language game-based learning platform means easy for clients to communicate with learners from different cultural backgrounds.

However, most of the service providers do not tick this box. Go with only the reliable ones who provide multilingual solutions.

Makes learning engaging

It is understood that a 9 to 5 job is monotonous and tedious. What is new every day? The same computer and the same instructions every day become a reality. What about transforming this routine? A reliable gamification service provider is known for its creativity! Same learning module the transform for thigh higher engagement of learners. How? It is the magic of scenarios, simulations, and sometimes AR and VR gaming modules.

What suits the budget?

Good to see ticked all boxes so far. But this one is the speed breaker. Why invest huge capital just for one project? So, think again and again which service providers suit the budget? Go with that option which gives quality results and no price! Affordable solutions do not promote themselves with the price tag. Check their testimonials and ratings. Later, collaborate to know the price quotation. If the price suits the management budget, proceed further.

The Final Line

Outsourcing a gamification service provider is not rocket science. A bit of research, proper references, and a lump sum amount to invest. That is all for collaboration!


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