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Microlearning Service Provider: 5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Partner With Them

Want to know the biggest learning trend of the date? It is microlearning!  How? All credit goes to its interactivity and short size courses. Any more specialties? Well, numbers don’t lie, and research shows it improves knowledge retention by 80%.  More facts? Almost 38% of talent development companies use microlearning solutions.  However, most of the companies outsource the solution from microlearning  service provider.

Why outsource and invest hard earned money? Will this collaboration be useful? 60% of companies think it is of vital importance. Hence, the answer is given below in this blog. Read on and keep the attention.

Why Outsourcing Microlearning Service Provider Is Useful

1.     Cost is lower

Low-costs? But, outsourcing requires an initial investment, so how the cost would be less. It is because clients have to invest in L&D tools and infrastructure to develop solutions. However, not the same case is with outsourcing. The fact shows the outsourcing only spends 50% of the training budget.

Now, the major fact would be, will it take more time? No, microlearning solutions are easily developed 300% faster than traditional courses. So, no more worries from an L&D point of view; just collaborate with a reliable partner.

2.     Technology

In 2021, technology is dominating every sector. So, why still PDFs and other conventional microlearning techniques are part of your company’s training? Collaborate with the microlearning service provider and let technology enhance the in-house training program. What to receive from outsourcing? Videos contribute 71% to in-depth learning, eBooks that 74% of learners prefer and many more microlearning solutions.

These new and innovative solutions ensure higher learning ROI. Also, the technology in the upcoming days will overrule the conventional training system. Hence, partner with the advancement to rule the L&D industry.

3.     Access to expertise

Undoubtedly, experts have their significance in the L&D. But, how many experts are available in your company? Two or three will not work; a huge team is required. Where to get them from? The answer is simple, ‘OUTSOURCING’. One more fact that makes experts important is they have a good command over memory training.

A study shows, the human brain instantly forgets 67% of the information. So, here certified and professional experts come into the picture to streamline the training process. They incorporate best training practices to improve the knowledge retention of learners. One good example is gamification that gives an engagement rate of 100%. Hence proved, access to expertise means higher knowledge retention.

4.     Easy management

Regular updates and technical assistance is what companies require from micro-learning solutions. But, does your companies provide 24/7 technical support for microlearning L&D? Also, is the communication channel always open with the management to share the progress reports? If yes, then good, and if not, outsourcing the microlearning service provider is a must.

Any technical issue or software update related queries? Quickly connect with the technical team of service providers and get instantly queries resolved. What’s more? Even they provide valuable suggestions to make changes in courses. As a result, it will elevate the training experience.

5.     Saves time

No doubt, outsourcing service providers will save time. Why? Because the entire project load is on them! But, still few companies try to take this initiative into their own hands. For instance, they create a training program that breaches the ideal time limit of microlearning courses. Ideally, it should range between 4 minutes to 20 minutes. So, instead of reworking, it is better to partner with a reliable service provider again and again.

One more example, creating a one hour VILT session takes 197 hours for L&D, which means more than 8 days for one course creation. So, the outsourced company will break the same training module into 10-15 different microlearning modules.

The final words

Finally, after reading this post, we conclude one thing for sure. Outsourcing microlearning solutions provider saves clients time, effort, capital and provides good quality solutions for higher ROI. Every year, companies spend $130 billion on employee training. But, the sad part is only 5% of companies are confident about micro training. So, for the rest of the 95% of companies, we suggest outsourcing solutions providers and impart quality training programs to learners.


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