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6 Ways the Localization Subtitling Services Provider Help Your Company

Subtitling or Captioning is an important tool that ensures accessibility. Whether it is a media or corporate industry, subtitling has become part of their to-do list. That is why organizations collaborate with the localization subtitling services provider to receive flawless and 100% accurate subtitles. If we talk about its market projection, the subtitling and captioning market will grow a $441.7 million by 2027.
Now, looking at its bright future, companies will ask us one thing. “What Subtitles can do for my company or business?” Well, continue reading this blog to get its answer.
How Localization Subtitling Services Provider Will Help My Company?

  1. Business expansion
    If we talk about one study report, it was found that till 2027 global businesses should communicate in at least 37 languages. The reason is simple, to expand the business reach. More facts? Well, 97% of online searches are done in 31 languages in 2021, which will increase up to 37 languages by 2027. Thus, to eliminate the communication gap from every business content.
    Remember, 86% of worldwide businesses use video as a marketing tool. But 73% of viewers watch videos with captions in their native language. So, professionally curated subtitles become an essential resource for flawless communication. All in all, target more consumers and bridge the communication gap through subtitles to ensure more reach.
  2. Low cost marketing
    Video marketing is the most effective tool that generates 80% of leads. However, clients need to ensure one thing that there should be no communication gap in the video content. This is where localized subtitles come into the picture.
    If we talk about other localization solutions like dubbing, translation, voiceovers and others, subtitling costs 10% lower than these solutions. Hence, subtitling your business video content through a professional service provider is the best means to save millions of dollars and market efficiently. Remember that quality is not compromised in subtitling.
  3. More accessibility
    In Australia, 4.4 million (18% of the national population) is suffering from a disability. This figure includes HOH (Hard Of Hearing) and visually impaired users. Also, a total of 1 million of Australia’s population are non-English speakers (According to the 2016 Census). Hence, the professionally curated subtitling bridge the communication gap between your brand and these category target audience.
    Therefore, professionally curated subtitles in the video content make it inclusive and open for every kind of audience. As we mentioned that 73% of internet users watch videos in their native language. So, it is good for companies to make content accessible and capture as much market as possible. To beat your local competitors in this global age, deliver the product in consumers’ native language.
  4. To increase engagement
    Adding captions in videos means improving the content’s engagement level by 12%. It is because 69% of consumers watch videos on mute and 80% of online users prefer watching subtitles. To grab this viewership attention, companies need to collaborate with the Localization Subtitling Services Provider.
    These service providers deliver impeccable and eye catching subtitles with no language errors. It means viewers enjoy the flawless content and share it amongst the masses. Adding subtitles in the video increases the view time by 40%, and 57% of online consumers watch video descriptions before buying the product. This is how to subtitle localization impacts your brand.
  5. Top in the digital space
    One market report predicts that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will have video content. So, subtitles are required to enhance digital visibility. That is why 81% of marketing teams in organizations use subtitles to boost the video marketing strategy. Also, SERPs prefer videos having subtitles in them.
    The more the accurate subtitles are, the more is the chance of getting the top 10 ranks. The search engine results depend on the SEO factor. Therefore, including subtitles in the video content enhance the higher ranking chances by 80%. The localization subtitling services provider efficiently meets all these technical parameters. That is why companies worldwide count on them.
  6. Smartly connect with consumers
    It is not just about the films or entertainment videos that use subtitling solutions to localize their content. In today’s global age, corporates and different domain marketers too use subtitles for marketing their services. So, why waste millions of dollars in conventional marketing campaigns when subtitles do the same in 1/4th of the marketing cost?
    Create video content and just add professionally curated subtitles into different languages. So that your company do not need to develop the content for different language audience. Multilingual subtitles are 99% effective to convey the brand message. That is why investing in subtitling companies is also a good investment.
    The bottom line
    As digital content grows, the need for subtitles will also increase. After entertainment and business, other sectors like retail, automotive, legal and education sectors will also leverage the same localization tool to convey the message.
    Subtitling companies provide 100% accurate subtitles for the customized requirement of clients. That is why they are in more demand for several companies.

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